will.i.am is celebrating the release of his new movie 'Rio' with a special song called 'Drop It Low,' a remix of dialog from the upcoming animated film based on the Angry Birds app. However, fans of the new tune won't be able to find the song on the 'Rio' soundtrack.

'Drop It Low' ... I did a fun remix taking my dialog and turning it into a song," the Black Eyed Peas member wrote. "It's not on the soundtrack ... From the animated movie 'Rio.'"

The track listing for the soundtrack has long been finalized, but this remix is yet another example of will.i.am's impressive production skills. The song is accompanied by a video, which features clips from the film, and while the imagery makes it seem even more soundtrack-worthy, fans will just have to settle for clicking on the replay button for now.

Check out will.i.am's new song 'Drop It Low' below and get ready for 'Rio' to hit theaters on Friday, April 15.

Listen to will.i.am's 'Drop It Low' Remix