Well, this is embarrassing. Will.i.am almost had to 'Stop the Party' a few days ago, when he had to refer to his cell phone in order to remember the words to the Black Eyed Peas track 'Don't Stop the Party' -- making not only himself look bad, but the entire quartet.

Will.i.am. joined singer-songwriter Stromae for a performance of Stromae's hit Eurodance song 'Alors On Danse' on the French television show 'Taratata.' When the time came for Will.i.am. to kick off his intro of "don't, don't, don't stop the party," the hitmaker, who also penned the song, had to sing the entire first verse while referring to the lyrics on his smartphone. Talk about unprofessional.

Maybe Will.i.am. needs to spend less time working with other artists and more time memorizing the (simple) lyrics to his own songs. Despite the overall discomfort and disbelief we felt after watching this video, we guess it's better than not singing anything at all? Perhaps he needs to fine-tune his improvisational skills for the next time (which will hopefully be never again) he flubs something this big.

Watch Will.i.am. Forget the Lyrics to 'Don't Stop the Party'