Black Eyed Peas frontman is facing a legal hurdle after allegedly bailing out on an agreement with a company to promote his clothing line. According to TMZ, I.AM.Clothing slapped the 'I Gotta Feeling' rapper with a lawsuit claiming that he reneged on a deal.

In the suit, the company alleges that signed an agreement in 2010 for the use of his name for their clothing line. The rapper-producer also agreed to help market and design the line.

However, failed to hold up his contractual obligations, which runs until 2016. But contends that the deal is done and he's moving on. The I.Am.Clothing company is seeking $2 million in damages.

In a 2010 interview with the Toronto Star, explained why he wanted to develop a rock-inspired clothing line. "There are not that many things that are available out there to express yourself," he said. "And I’d like to fill that void and help lead -- not lead, but help navigate guys to be a little bit more open-minded about how to rock their gear.”

We hope this lawsuit end in an amicable resolution for both parties.