Although makes an appearance in Megaupload's surprising music video, he is now joining UMG in the fight against the file-sharing site.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the celebrity-packed clip was removed from YouTube after Universal Music issued a takedown notice. However, it's come to light that has also issued a takedown request, despite being a featured artist in the video. Ken Hertz, who filed the request for says that his client never consented to the 'Megaupload Mega Song.'

UMG is in the same boat. "This is an on-going dispute that surfaced several weeks ago with respect to the unauthorized use of a performance from one of our artists," a UMG spokesperson tells THR. "We heard from a number of our other artists and their representatives who told us they’ve never consented to being portrayed in this video."

Naturally, Megaupload is denying the claim. The company's attorney, Ira Rothken, says, "UMG didn't do proper due diligence before sending the takedown notice ... And each of the other artists, including, signed a broad written agreement allowing the use of their likeness and their statements in the context of the video."

It all sounds pretty fishy. It's still hard to believe that A-listers like Kanye West, Diddy and more would agree to be a part of Megaupload's self-promotion, but we have a feeling more details about this signed "agreement" will be revealed soon.