There's no arguing that 'The Voice' hopeful Lindsey Pavao has something special which sets her apart from her fellow contenders, but that may have been masked by her stage performance during Monday's Live Shows. 

Pavao came packing with a less traditional pick for a song, the obscure 'Somebody That I Used to Know' by Gotye. Somehow, she was able to snag a team of mannequin dancers for her act, which was about as over the top as any of Madonna's tours. Lindsey didn't need the circus which surrounded her -- her unique voice speaks for itself.

While her original audition proved that she's talent with an edge -- she melted us with Trey Songz' 'Say Aah' -- tonight's delivery was somewhat lackluster. Perhaps it was the fact that she looked more nervous than confident, or perhaps the masked figures scared her more than she'd anticipated, but Lindsey didn't bring the A-game, which has kept her in 'The Voice' competition this long.

Once the fog cleared on the stage (no, really), we were able to see that the crowd was on their feet cheering, pushing her forward with approval. Lindsey seemed less than thrilled with her performance as the judges began to talk, and for good reason. Adam Levine said it lacked strength and power (did he see the clowns?), while her coach Christina Aguilera commended her choice in song. "You bring your own unique style," she said. "I could listen to you all day."

Aguilera urged viewers to hit iTunes and download Lindsey Pavao's 'Somebody That I Used to Know' cover -- and she'll need it. Votes tonight determine which of Team Christina's six will go home in Tuesday's elimination episode.

Watch Lindsey Pavao Perform 'Somebody That I Used to Know' on 'The Voice'