After smacking a faux reporter that was heard all around the world, Will Smith was much more polite on the U.K.'s 'Graham Norton Show.' During his appearance, Smith, who was promoting his new movie 'Men In Black 3,' was coerced in performing the theme song to 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.'

Smith revealed to Norton that most of his fans recognize him for his role as Will on the popular '90s series -- and he is perfectly fine with that. "As long as they're screaming Will, I'm cool," he says.

However, Norton didn't think the 43-year-old actor could remember the theme song... but he was wrong. With the help of English producer-singer Gary Barlow on piano, Smith recited the lyrics verbatim along with the studio audience. Only music legend Sir Tom Jones sat stone-faced and didn't utter a word. What's up with that?

In the end, it was a fun moment that Smith and the audience thoroughly enjoyed. "It's funny that so many people recognize that theme song," Smith said. "There's something about TV that's different from movies or music. Television really attaches you to people in a way that is extremely powerful and it's humbling."

Will Smith's 'Men in Black 3D' hits theaters on May 25.

Watch Will Smith Perform 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' Rap