Willow Smith might only be 11 years old, but she's accomplished more in her few years than most people will in a lifetime. Despite her celebrity status, Willow -- who is the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett -- will surely remember this year for the rest of her life since when she drops her full length 2012 album.

Featuring her hit singles 'Whip My Hair,' '21st Century Girl' and 'Fireball' (which features Nicki Minaj), Willow will drop her first-ever album, 'Knees and Elbows,' on April 3. Willow stopped by BET's '106 & Park' to discuss her 2012 album, saying, "In the album you're gonna hear more of my singing voice ... This is my first album and it's really exciting." The pint-size songstress also explained her album title on the show, saying, "Everybody falls down and scratches their knees and elbows but eventually they get back up."

Willow said that she wants 'Knees and Elbows' to inspire listeners. "It's gonna make them feel like they have control over their lives and can do what they want to do and be the person they want to be," Willow said of her debut LP [via Billboard]. We can see what she means already, since the messages she includes within 'Whip My Hair' and '21st Century Girl' have to do with being yourself and always having the confidence to do what you want in life -- big stuff from a girl who hasn't even hit 8th grade yet!

As for the sound of the new Willow album, the singer also spoke briefly about the overall feel. "I think it's a contrast between pop and more R&B-ish," Willow said on '106 & Park.' Her producer Ronald "Jukebox" Jackson also described Willow's sound as "very international." If the three singles she has released so far -- we are still waiting on the full-length version of 'Rock Star' -- are any indication of the album, we would think that it would be a pop album with some traces of hip-hop scattered throughout, so we are anxious to hear the "R&B-ish" tracks! Willow is a fierce little mama, so we have no doubt that the album will please fans of all ages.

If you are a fan of Willow, mark April 3 on your calendars. 'Knees and Elbows,' Willow's new 2012 album, will drop that day, so don't miss out on the hair whippin' good time!