Willow entertains viewers with a mashup performance of her two hits, ’21st Century Girl’ and ‘Whip My Hair' at the Kids' Choice Awards.

Starting with a performance of '21st Century Girl,' Willow sings, "I’m the kind of chick that knocks you off your feet / That knocks you off your feet / That knocks you off, off your feet," as she ascends into the air. There's no aerobatic flips reminiscent of Pink's 'Glitter in the Air' performance at the 2010 Grammys, but we have to point out -- the 11-year-old singer still as pipes while floating in the air over her screaming fans.

Once she sets foot on the ground, a cloud of smoke takes over the stage, followed by the audio of her smash hit, 'Whip My Hair.' Accompanied by dancers dressed in white (and donning wigs that are different colors of the rainbow), Willow sings and busts out a couple of dance moves in a sherbert-colored outfit accessorized by shoulder pads and a tutu. We have to give her props for always taking her fashion sense to the extreme.

There's even a snippet of proud dad Will, smiling and pointing at his daughter -- whose performance was clearly one of the highlights of the night.

Watch Willow Perform '21st Century Girl' and 'Whip My Hair' at the 2011 KCAs