Willow may only be 11-years-young, but the hair whipping singer is crushing hard on Tyler, The Creator of the rap collective Odd Future. The pop wunderkind posted a photo of her tiny self and tall Tyler on her Instagram account on Feb. 16 with the following caption: "Life is complete…Love Of My Life."

See what we mean by crushing?

Willow looks adorbs in her animal hat and smacking her lips together, while Tyler offers an ear-to-ear grin. It's all very harmless, yes, but it might cause some pop watchers to raise an eyebrow or two. Why? Well, TC  is 20 and his rap group makes edgy music and he is known for popping off rather inflammatory statements via Twitter -- he did threaten Bruno Mars' life. That type of stuff should have her dad Will Smith stepping into the middle of this photo to create some distance.

Willow actually has thing for Odd Future! She shared a cover of a Frank Ocean song last year, too!