Primrose Everdeen may never hit the battlefield in The Hunger Games franchise but her portrayer, Willow Shields, hit the dance floor last night — and the odds were ever in her favor.

At just 14 years old, Willow is the youngest competitor to ever appear on Dancing With the Stars but her performance on last night's episode was straight up fantastic, earning Willow and her partner, Mark Ballas, a near perfect score.

What was so great about the dance? Well, for one thing it paid homage to The Hunger Games movies. For another, it was packed with incredible contemporary choreography by the always creative Mark Ballas and executed beautifully by Willow — the girl (literally, at least in the context of her dancer) killed her backup dancers until she emerged victorious at the end.

Willow performed the dance with intensity and precision. She and Mark moved in perfect time with one another, and it was definitely one of this season's most impressive and memorable dances. It's fitting, as the theme of last night's show was in celebration of the stars' most memorable years. Naturally, Willow chose to honor the year she was cast in The Hunger Games. 

Willow and Mark earned perfect 10s from three of four judges — even though the show's head judge, Len Goodman, awarded them with a nine out of 10, the pair earned the highest score of the night.

Willow introduced the dance by talking about her experience in The Hunger Games films — she even casually referred to Oscar-winning movie star Jennifer Lawrence as "Jen."

Shockingly, the pair was in jeopardy of elimination last night but were saved. Spoiler alert: Pro football player Michael Sam and his partner, Peta Murgatroyd were eliminated.

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