Willow Smith just released a video for her new song "F Q-C #7" and it's just as weird as the title suggests -- in a good way.

The song -- which is pronounced "frequency number seven" in case you were wondering -- was released exclusively through Jay-Z's streaming site TIDAL, and while you may be turned off by the Smith kids' philosophical diatribes (or even the family's rumored ties to Scientology), the truth is that the song is actually pretty good. Written and produced by Willow, the tinny xylophone and punchy vocals on the track really lend themselves to a decidedly mature sound -- so long as you ignore the lyrics. Willow sings "I’m just climbing on trees and skipping my class now" but, to her credit, she's 14-years-old. Write what you know, right?

According to an email she sent to FADER, who debuted the video earlier today (May 7), Willow explains that the four different versions of herself expressed in the video represent her four Chakras. She explained, "Yellow is self-confidence, Blue is my voice (song), Red is my survival instinct, and the Black is a combination of everything (the true me)."

The video sees every iteration of Willow singing into the camera with the kind of confidence usually reserved for more seasoned performers. The truth is, she seems more like a caricature of the archetypal Art School Kid than a real human being who exists on the same plane as boring, normal teenagers, but it works for her -- especially here.

You can check out the video for "F Q-C #7" over at FADER.