Willow Smith performed her brand new song 'Fireball' on tonight's elimination episode of 'X Factor.' Yes, there were plenty of flames licking the stage and there was a pyrotechnic set up while the former hair whipper danced and offered up that strange little squeaky vocal part. All eyes were on her, transfixed. Willow is  most definitely exciting to watch.

With a tight, black leather jumpsuit and knee-high boots, Willow looked the part of Lady Gaga, sounded like Rihanna and coiffed like Janelle Monae with a mini, pushed-back pompadour. Not to sound old fuddy duddies, but she is a bit young to be dressing that way, pop starlet-in-training or not. She's only 11-years-old! At least the cut of her outfit was high and age-appropriate. It didn't show off any skin, either, which is good!

While the recorded version of this bangin' and blazin' new track features Nicki Minaj, the Pink Lady did not show up to lend her voice to the song in the live setting. We were sort of expecting the Barbs to make a surprise appearance, but she did not appear. Boo! Nevertheless, Willow was surrounded by a cadre of dancers and held her own and then some.

Willow was singing to track for a good chunk of the song and stopped singing altogether so she could dance and engage the crowd, namely the judge's table. She's very new to performing live, so she is just getting her legs underneath her and it was a fun performance. But one thing is certain: Willow has a whole mess of stage presence. We can't wait to see more of her.

Watch Willow Perform 'Fireball' on the 'X Factor'