Willow leads a charmed life. The 'Whip My Hair' singer who is all of 10-years-old, revealed that rap mogul Jay-Z has been very hands on and is helping her while she works on her debut album. Granted, Jay-Z signed her to his Roc Nation label, but having him as a mentor is a critical ingredient in Miss Smith's recipe for success. Having megastars Will and Jada Pinkett Smith as parents doesn't hurt, either!

According to DigitalSpy, Smith told KISS FM that she turns to Jay-Z for a little guidance whenever she hits the wall -- creatively speaking. "Whenever I have a creative block, he's always like, 'Do what artists do when they have a block. Make a song about it,'" the aspiring star said.

The '21st Century Girl' also talked about hanging out with Lady Gaga last month at the Grammys, revealing that the two fashionistas talked about (what else?) clothes!

"We were talking about my outfit and her shoulders. She's awesome," Smith gushed.

See what we meant about leading a charmed life?

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