In addition to being a 'Fireball,' Willow Smith is also pretty well-mannered. On 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,' the comic presented a thank you note the 'Whip My Hair' rhymer sent to him after he covered her biggest hit. He also had a surprise in store for the star -- a bumper car race!

Fallon snagged a still from the recently released 'Fireball' video, featuring a camo-clad Willow and Nicki Minaj dressed like a rainbow, dip-dyed poodle. When Fallon asked Willow what it was like working with the real-life Harajuku Barbie, she began gushing about the Young Money rapper. "She's amazing!" Smith said. "She's an awesome artist, she's craaaazy, she's wild -- she's just really exciting to be around." Smith then talked about Minaj's role in the video for their collaboration: "We just vibed out."

Fallon, a self-proclaimed Willow Smith fan, said he follows her on Twitter -- and he showed it! "You're trying to get everyone to follow your grandma," Fallon laughed. Smith confirmed this. "I put my grandma on Instagram, actually," Smith said, "and she was like, 'Oh this is so cool!' But she never goes on it."

Soon after the interview, Fallon led Smith to a pair of bumper cars -- hers was emblazoned with fireball stickers. Cute! Not so cute? Their seat belt buckles didn't work! They made do ("We won't go that fast," Fallon assured) and also made an agreement: Whoever loses gets covered in silly string.

The pair had issues accelerating, but once they got moving, it was on. They collided making a turn down a hallway, with Fallon yelling, "I can't stop!" They both reversed and tried their best to straighten out -- but Smith has a way with wheels, and she maneuvered her way ahead of Fallon, to the delight of the cheering crowd. This didn't sit well with the 'SNL' alum -- he hopped out of his bumper car and ran past Smith through the finish line!

To Fallon's credit, he was a good sport. "I have to give it to the winner," he panted. Then, as promised, he got covered in silly string. It's going to be quite some time before Smith takes her driving test, but based on her work behind the wheel, parallel parking looks like it'll be a breeze!

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