Are you into:

-casual allusions to fluorocarbons
-watching the ghost of someone hug her flesh-and-blood counterpart?

You are in luck, luck, luck!

Willow Smith, one of Marc Jacobs' latest muses, has released a video for her latest, "Why Don't You Cry." While its storyboard is a little scattered, we can say this much: She-who-once-whipped-her-hair is not holding back.

"When I close my eyes, I / I can see the sky at night / Past the blue and the ozone layer / Past the polluted atmosphere," Smith sings between disparate sets. First, she goes rounds with a pair of adults (a sign of trouble with Will and Jada?), but soon, she's contending with her own ghost in front of a vanity mirror. Finally, and with the wildest of gesticulations, she performs a one-woman dance sequence that would make Napoleon Dynamite jealous. It's all a little bit eerie, but Willow, who appears on the cover of newest issue of i-D, is happy to continue to explore what's outside of the box.

"The only reason I carve my own path the way I do is because of the way I was raised,” she told the site. “My parents always said, ‘If you don’t carve your own path, someone’s going to carve it for you. And that’s not fun.'”

"No one could ever say, 'No, don't do that 'cause that's not what sells.' I couldn't care less what sells," she added. "I care more about what can help people, and help them realize there lies an inner power."

Check out the clip above.

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