Ten-year-old Willow Smith reveals in a new video that she has written her first song. The track is called 'The Epiphany,' and Willow is asking for feedback from fans.

In the clip, Willow says she's inspired by her love of ballet dancing and wants to write a song describing how she's torn between dancing and singing.

"That song is the first song I've ever written," Willow says. "I'm not sure if I'm gonna put it on the album, but I just wanted you guys' input in how it is because I've never really done this before. I'm very excited and I just want you guys to love it."

The video documents the entire songwriting process. Willow sits down at the piano and plays the melody that becomes the backbone of the song. As she and her team compose the track, she has several a-ha! moments where a particular lyric comes to her. Studio footage is mixed with clips of her ballet dancing.

The video promises that the full song is available on Willow's website and her Facebook page, though it doesn't appear to be in either place as of this writing. The 'Whip My Hair' singer has been in the studio working with Ronald "Jukebox" Jackson on her first album, which is expected to incorporate a lot of different genres. No release date has been set yet.

Watch Willow Smith Talk About Writing 'Epiphany'