Did Wiz Khalifa turn in his black and yellow Steelers gear for a tux over the weekend? After a picture surfaced of Wiz Khalifa and his lady, Amber Rose, in some wedding attire, people all over the Internet are buzzing about whether or not the hip-hop mega-watt couple tied the knot!

According to rumors on sites like I Am Super George and Tale Tela, Wiz and Amber traded vows this weekend at a private wedding. The couple, who have apparently been engaged for four months already, reportedly were headed to Vegas this past weekend for a small wedding.

From the looks of the picture on the left, we feel like this rumor could very well be true! If it is, we wish Wiz and Amber all of the wedding bliss in the world. After all, Amber Rose did say she wants to be a mommy, and that Wiz is the only guy that she can see as being the father to her kids.

Despite the fact that all this seems to add up, if this is just a hoax, we definitely foresee wedding bells in the future for this couple. They are madly in love, and make it clear everywhere they go, constantly exchanging kisses and embracing each other.

The couple also withstood some scandalous press this year, with nude pictures of Amber Rose surfacing on the Internet. Wiz is a stand-up guy, though, and he held his sweetie's hand through the whole ordeal.

We guess we'll just have to wait for confirmation on whether or not Wiz and Amber "rolled up" to the alter together!