We are just weeks away before Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose become new parents to their little Wizbud. While Rose proudly shows off her baby bump on Instagram, Wiz revealed in a radio interview that this is actually their second pregnancy after she suffered a miscarriage the first time around.

"Her first pregnancy was unexpected and she lost the baby right after we found out," he explains to QDeezy on Philly Hot 107.9. "And she got pregnant right away because I was like, 'Eff that, I want a baby.' So that second time that she got pregnant, we didn't want to say anything about it until her second trimester and everything is good."

Rose is currently in her final trimester and Wiz couldn't be more joyful about being a father.

"I'm excited, I can't wait," he says. "Every time we go to the doctor, they tell us how healthy the baby is and how perfect her pregnancy has been. And it really just inspires me to be the best dad. I got this little ball of joy coming into the world [and] I got to make sure it's right for him."

We can understand why Wiz and Rose would be cautious with their second pregnancy and we're happy that they are in pre-martial bliss. The couple are planning to tie the knot before the baby is due.

In an MTV News interview, Wiz said that Rose's pregnancy also helped inspire songs for his latest effort, 'O.N.I.F.C.'

"It's fun for me to write these records now because I'm puttin' together everything that I go through with my wife and being able to inspire people to the point where it's like a story or a book," he said. "We're in love, we love each other. We're happy, and just those good feelings."