Put away those champagne bottles and hold on to your wedding gifts, Wiz Khalifa and his boo, Amber Rose, are not married. Despite a photo that surfaced online showing the happy couple in a romantic embrace, which led to rumors that they got hitched over the weekend, it is not true, according to Billboard.

A "reliable" source told the music magazine they "were simply celebrating Wiz's birthday with close family and friends in Las Vegas. The hip-hop lovebirds traveled to Sin City to celebrate Wizzy's 24th birthday in style and they did not tied the knot. This makes sense because the photo was posted via the Internet on Sept. 10 and the rapper's birthday is on Sept. 8. So, we will have to wait a little bit longer before Wiz officially puts a ring on it.

Honestly, with their busy schedules, how will they ever find the time to get married? For starters, the pair are working on a musical project together. “It’s going to be very mysterious," the blonde bombshell told Billboard last month. "You may not even know it’s me. We might just throw it out there, might give it out and see what’s up.” In addition, Rose just finished filming her part in an all-female western film called 'Gangs of Roses II: The Next Generation,' which is the sequel to the 2003 flick of the same name.

Granted, Rose did say she wanted to have babies with him, but let's not be so anxious for them to become husband and wife just yet. It will eventually happened, and when it does, we are quite sure Wizzy and Amby will make a big announcement about it.