For the Under the Influence Tour, rappers Wiz Khalifa and A$AP Rocky are going to work hard and play hard. Now in its second year, the stakes are higher, the run of tour dates is longer and the air is (pot) smokier. Even better, the stars are coming out, according to the two main acts on the tour.

In this exclusive video, the rhyme spitters talk about how everything is elevated and the ante is upped for the second edition of this much-anticipated summer tour.

"I think everything naturally gets better with time," Wiz says. "The first one was amazing, everyone had fun, and it sold out, so naturally, people are going to be more excited with the new acts that are on, with the amount of pot that is going to be smoked, with the amount of good music that is going to be really brought to the table."

But even more so, the stars are going to be shining. Wiz continued, "And I feel like with A$AP having as much success with his album, being No. 1, it brings some superstardom to it, too. It's like yo, we got the stars coming out, yo!"

They joked about not even knowing where the tour starts and when -- it's July 17 in San Francisco -- with Wiz saying, "I am just going to get on a bus and we gonna go." He'll roll with it, in more ways than one.

A$AP doesn't say much, only to talk about Trinidad James, their tourmate. "Girls like guys with nappy hair," A$AP stated. Wiz concurred, "These chicks'll be satisfied on this tour."

So will the dudes that love rap music.

Watch the first tour video here.