If you think Wiz Khalifa sits around and smoke doobies all day, well, think again. In a commercial ad for search engine Bing, the Pittsburgh, Pa. rhyme-spitter shows just what it takes to be at the top of the rap game.

The 'Bing Originals' spot features Wizzy on his daily hustle. We watch the rapper get up in the morning, cook himself some breakfast and then head out to the studio for a recording session. We also have to point out how fashionably dressed he is in the clip with his camouflage pants, denim jacket and hard-bottom slippers.

Of course, all work and no play makes Wiz a very dull guy. So we get to see him play a game of pick-up basketball with a friend. After shooting hoops, Wiz stops to do a Bing search for a Thai restaurant nearby to order up some grub.

The track playing in the background is 'When I'm Gone' from Wiz's platinum-selling debut 'Rolling Papers.' The 'Bing Originals' spot follows behind another Bing ad which features freestyle skier Bobby Brown (no, not the New Edition crooner) and Wiz's track 'Boarding Pass.'

"When we do it, we do it big," Wiz says about his daily grind. Yep, he is one of the true originals.

Watch 'Bing Originals: Wiz Khalifa' Video