Rapper Wiz Khalifa had a great year with a gold-selling album 'Rolling Papers' and hit singles 'Black and Yellow' and 'Roll Up,' so it's only right that he takes a vacay before the end of 2011. In his new video for 'California,' Wizzy and his homies are having some fun in the sun on the sandy beaches of, uh, Hawaii.

Yep, as evidence in the Polynesian dancers and palm trees, Wiz and his crew are actually in the Aloha State, which begs the question -- why he didn't he called the song 'Hawaii'? Hey, we're not complaining, because the visuals are vibrant and beautiful to look at.

Directed by Bill Paladino, the video features Wiz doing what he does best -- smoking the green herb. Elsewhere, we see the Taylor Gang playing football on the beach and enjoying some libations. Meanwhile, Wiz spits rhymes about living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. "Just boarded a yacht / We're at the craps table in Vegas / The dealer saying how he admiring my watch / I'm placing my wager / Don't even care about how much paper I blow / 'Cause I been getting this money and stay on," he raps.

Wiz's video for 'California' is fantastic and makes us wish we were relaxing with the Grammy-nominated rapper in California -- or is it Hawaii? Who cares? Relax and enjoy the video.

Watch the Wiz Khalifa, 'California' Video