Cute Alert! It's no secret that Wiz Khalifa totally loves his boo, Amber Rose. So on Rose's 29th birthday, the 'Roll Up' artist gave his blond-haired bombshell a wonderful birthday surprise while they were vacationing in Hawaii. Luckily for us, it was all captured on video.

We also have to point out that Rose's birthday was on Oct. 21, but the video of the momentous occasion was just uploaded yesterday (Nov. 11). So, while it's late, it's still cute, nonetheless.

In the clip, we see Wiz carefully placing the candles on a huge chocolate birthday cake that looks so scrumptious. Afterward, Wiz and friends pushes the cart with the cake to Rose's hotel room. Then as Wiz opens the door everyone sings the traditional 'Happy Birthday' song to Rose. Of course, Wizzy chimes in with his remix version of the B-Day song adding, "You are the most beautiful girl in the world and I love her to death and she's my baay-beee!"

Rose, who was in shock by the whole presentation, gives Wiz the biggest kiss in the world. It's quite a touching moment for the lovely couple and it shows that their love is, indeed, for real. At the end of the video, Wiz Khalifa and the Taylor Gang crew give their final birthday shout-outs to Ms. Rose.

Now that's crew love.

Watch the 'Happy Birthday Amber' Video