The rap trifecta of Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y and Big Sean are about to drop a dope mixtape celebrating their crazy lifestyle of weed, money and women.

So to give fans a buzz of what they are bringing to project, the trio unleashed five tracks from their upcoming project. Among the weeded-out jams is this smooth easy-going joint called 'Proceed.' The song has some mellow synths, melodic keyboards and a crisp beat.

On the track, Wizzy gets introspective as he details what's most important to him in his life: "If you offer me all in the money in the world / I wouldn't trade it for my girl / My family or the n----s that you see riding with me / Out of town or Internationally / They gonna fly with me / Kinda fried / Roll the paper / So they can get high with me," he spits.

Meanwhile, smoked-out rapper Curren$y offer his take on his rags-to-riches story of coming from the bottom to now having the paparazzi cameras watching his every move. He rhymes: "They sho' came up / What they sayin' about those boys from the bottom? / Paparazzi cameras spot them / Flash when you see they faces / History in the makin' / I was high when I made this / So I can play this for them haters."

Finally, Big Sean finishes the song off with some great lines reflecting on his newfound status as Kanye West's rap protégé. "I got signed to my idol / See some of my favorite rappers turned rivals / 'Ye told me to kill them / So a n---a gotta drop 'em / Peep the Jesus chain he gave me / Since I can't keep up with them Bibles," he remarks.

Wiz, Curren$y and Sean's 'Proceed' is one of the coolest tracks of the summer and we could see ourselves driving in our cars and riding out to this song. It's the perfect mellow music for this hot season.

Listen to Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y and Big Sean, 'Proceed'