Wiz Khalifa talks about Snoop Dogg and where he got his swag from on a recent episode of E! Online's late-night talk show 'Chelsea Lately.' The Pittsburgh rapper offered the host Chelsea Handler his views on Snoop's recent transformation as reggae artist Snoop Lion.

“I think like everybody is just gonna come to grips with it man,” explains Wiz about his buddy's new metamorphosis. "Snoop just takes everybody on a journey with him and he’s just got the gift of inspiring so many minds to just want to dig into whatever he’s into at that time you know what I mean? So it might be new for people, but they’ll get used to it. He’s the Lion.”

We agreed with Wiz's assessment of Snoop Lion, although his song 'La La La' doesn't make us roar with delight.

During the interview, Handler also asked Wiz about his father. “I love my dad yo. That’s my man," he tells her in a video posted on Idolator. "He’s a little bit darker than me so when people see him they don’t really know he’s my dad and then they see him start moving and then they be like, ‘Oh, that’s where Wiz gets his swag from.’"

"He’s an OG man. I actually grew up moving back and forth between my mom and my dad," he adds. "And my dad was the first one who really opened a studio for me and let me do my music thing.” Awww. Let's give a big thanks to Wiz's father for encouraging him to rap.

Wiz also stated that his upcoming LP 'O.N.I.F.C.' (due in stores on Sept. 18), is all about self-expression. "The album is about fully expressing myself and knowing where I come from and where I'm at right now," he says.

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