We have known Wiz Khalifa as the coolest dude in the world, so it's surprising to hear that he's embroiled in a beef with Waka Flocka Flame. During an interview on MTV's RapFix Live, the 'Work Hard, Play Hard' rapper insist that he has no issues with the Brick Squad emcee.

"I don't have problems with people, because if I do, I address it," he told Sway on Wednesday's (April 25) show. "If I feel someone disrespected me or if I feel like somebody was mentioning me in an indirect way I'ma find out how to talk to that person and then we'll squash it from there."

The rumors of a rift between Wiz and Waka started back in December after the Atlanta rapper said that the Pittsburgh native had "no swag" and was all hype. Although Wacka stands by his statement, he has since publicly stated that he's doesn't have any beef with Wiz.

Meanwhile, Wiz is going to take the high road and not air Waka out publicly. He hopes of one day talking with the 'Hard in the Paint' rapper in a private setting. "We'll save it for that, it don't gotta be a public thing," he said on RapFix Live. "It don't gotta be a peace meeting or nothing like that."

"I never felt no ill will, he has his lane and when his songs come on in the club, people go crazy," he continues. "And people like to get high to Wiz Khalifa, so get used to it, baby."

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