If you party like Wiz Khalifa then you will definitely get no sleep. That's the theme of Wizzy's new video for 'No Sleep,' the latest single from the rhyme-slinger's recent album, 'Rolling Papers.'

Directed by Colin Tilley, the clip features Wiz partying like a rockstar with hundreds of zoned-out party-goers. We're also treated to some psychedelic imagery and blurred visions of what the stoner-rapper must see and feel after a night of weed-smoking and boozing. "No job and no sleepin' / Livin' it up like it's the weekend / When the DJ play the right song / gonna drink gonna party all night long," is the song's anthemic chorus.

Of course, PopCrush supports responsible drinking -- and in no way are we condoning Wiz's tripped-out experience of drunkenness and out of control partying -- but it's sure fun to watch. Khalifa's arm candy Amber Rose makes a cameo in the video, as she parties with her man in the limo. Really, she must be used to this already.

If you ever wanted to know what it's like to party like a rebellious rap star, then take a look at Wiz's 'No Sleep' video. We're so jealous of him right now!

Watch the Wiz Khalifa 'No Sleep' Video