After numerous delays, Wiz Khalifa's second album 'O.N.I.F.C' (an acronym for Only N---a In First Class) is finally here. The 17-track collection puts the Taylor Gang leader in reflective mode as he chronicles the good and bad that came with the success of his 2011 major-label debut, 'Rolling Papers.'

One thing Wizzy is good at is making laid-back, tripped-out music and 'O.N.I.F.C.' doesn't disappoint. Songs like 'The Bluff' (featuring Cam'ron), 'Fall Asleep,' 'Rise Above' (featuring Pharrell Williams and Amber Rose) and 'The Plan' (Featuring Juicy J) are tailored for cooling out and lighting up the green herb.

But the subject matter on the album is sort of one-note. Amid Wiz's boasting about being hella paid, he raps navel-gazing rhymes about the price of fame bringing a debt of haters and critics wishing for his downfall.

Wiz's 'O.N.I.F.C' is a trippy ride that his die-hard fans will thoroughly enjoy. The Pittsburgh rhyme-slinger has made a substantial living being hip-hop's favorite rock 'n' roll stoner (just look at the cover) and we don't see that changing anytime soon.

Listen to Wiz Khalifa's 'O.N.I.F.C.' album in it's entirety here.

1. 'Intro'
A smoothed-out instrumental to get everyone ready for the smoke-filled ride.

2. 'Paperbond'
Over some haunting keyboards and echoing squawks, Wiz spits lines and lines of vapid wealth metaphors. "My n---a I keep it G and that's Gucci or that Gianni / I'm gettin' dressed for the airport to pose for the paparazzi," he raps. Yawn.

3. 'Bluffin'
Produced by Drumma Boy, the chilled-out song features Wizzy boasting about how much money he spends on a daily basis. The nauseating chorus goes, "I got so much money I think I should pay for all this / They ain't down to spend how much they say cause they ain't ballin' / I got so much paper I just spend it like it's nothin'."

4. 'Let It Go' (Feat. Akon)
Wiz's triumphant song -- you can tell by the blaring trumpets -- with a phoned-in hook by Akon. "Hundred grand in a rubber band / Use to be the kid, now homie I'm the man / Hundred grand in a rubber band," brags Wiz.

5. 'The Bluff' (Feat. Cam'ron)
A chilled-out song with its electro-synth whirls and '70s space-age effects. Dipset alum Cam'ron comes through with a standout verse. [Watch the Video]

6. 'Work Hard, Play Hard'
The album's platinum-selling lead single. Although we don't know why Wiz didn't replace it with the remix, which featured Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne. [Listen Here]

7. 'Got Everything' Feat. Courtney Noelle
This is an uptempo R&B-tinged song with Wiz rapping his adoration for his true love. "And I swear, you deserve a wedding ring / Can't ever see you choosing nothing over instead of me," he rhymes. We are quite sure his pregnant fiancee, Amber Rose, adores this song.

8. 'Fall Asleep'
Whoa! This a trippy song for those who like to indulge in the green substance. You'll definitely feel under the influence after listening to this weird track. Wiz's lyrics are grating on here, as well. We puff-puff and pass on this one.

9. 'Time'
The Pittsburgh rapper gets reflective on this synth-heavy smoothed-out track. "I spend a lot of nights thinking / How did I make it this far / I spend money every chance I get / 'Cause, goddamn, I work hard," he spits.

10. 'It's Nothin' Feat. 2 Chainz
A fan-favorite song with its woozy keyboards and handclap snares. [Watch the Video]

11. 'Rise Above' Feat. Pharrell, Tuki Carter & Amber Rose
Another laid-back song from the Taylor Gang honcho. We can see weed heads light up to this song. Pharrell spits a verse and Ms. Rose raps a few bars. A standout track on the album. [Listen Here]

12. 'Initiation' Feat. Lola Monroe
The song is dedicated to his fans (aka the Taylors) who has been supporting him through the years. TG rapstress Lola Monroe appears on the joint and spit some heated bars. "Eenie, meenie, minie f---in' mo / All these birds be goosin', so I be duckin' h--s / N-never had an issue givin' b----es my ass to kiss / Wiz told me get 'em so I'm comin' out blastin' b----," she raps. Nicki Minaj meet your heir apparent.

13. 'Up In It'
If, for some strange reason, you're wondering how Amber Rose got pregnant, then listen to this song. Wiz breaks it down explicitly how he conquers his woman in the bedroom. "Once I get in / Can't get out of my zone / F--- you so good you won't pick up your phone," he boasts. Oh behave, Wizzy.

14. 'No Limit'
The song is broken down into two parts. In the first overture, Wiz delivers a get-money mantra over off-kilter marching drums. The second part is a five minute long trippy suite of spacey keyboards and a funky beat. For Wiz, there's no limit when it comes to making spaced-out music.

15. 'The Plan' Feat. Juicy J
A mellow track with 'Bandz a Make Her Dance' rapper Juicy J. This song isn't for the strip clubs but Juicy J commandeers it with his sardonic rhymes. "N---as out there tryna test me / I put the AK where his chest be / Don't fight with h-'s, don't fight with n---as / No security b---- so don't test me," he warns.

16. 'Remember You' Feat. The Weeknd
A previously-released song that sounds great mostly because it sounds like a Weeknd song. [Watch the Video]

17. 'Medicated' (Feat. Chevy Woods & Juicy J)
Wiz closes the album out with a Taylor Gang posse song. The rap trifecta spit non-sensical rhymes with nods to smoking weed, stacking paper and flying high -- only in first class, of course.


Watch the Wiz Khalifa 'Work Hard Play Hard' Video