Rapper Wiz Khalifa's intoxicating track 'On My Level' gets a fresh update by British pop newcomer Neon Hitch. Who? Yeah, we've never heard of her either.

According to her official website, Neon Hitch is her real name and she's a former trapeze artist and street performer. At 16, she ran away from home and traveled to India where she lived on the streets until adulthood. As far as her singing career, she has worked with Ke$ha, Mike Posner, Bruno Mars, Ryan Tedder and Kara DioGuardi, who ended up signing her to Warner Bros. Records.

One interesting tidbit: While living in London, Hitch was good friends with Amy Winehouse before she passed away. Now a transplanted New Yorker, she is planning to release her debut album 'Beg, Borrow And Steal' this year.

In her black-and-white video for 'On My Level,' which was shot by Trevor Cox, the singer introduces us to some interesting people of New York, including a homeless guy with a cardboard sign stating that he needs a dollar so he can get high. We also get to witness the cheeky side of Hitch as she walks around in revealing booty shorts and a tank top.

Wardrobe aside, the eccentric songbird does a formidable job of reworking Wizzy's drugged-out lyrics into a soft and edgy pop tune. "I'm drinking from the bottle / Smiling in my pictures / Marijuana allowed / Boys follow on Twitter / B----, I know you are a hater," she eloquently sings.

After watching Neon Hitch's video, we hope that this will push her to the next level, like, maybe an actual duet with Wiz Khalifa?

Watch the Neon Hitch 'On My Level (Wiz Khalifa Cover)' Video