With his new video, 'Roll Up,' Wiz Khalifa delivers another burst of frothy, synth-heavy hip-hop and a much-needed vision of warm weather. The song is the follow-up to his breakthrough smash 'Black and Yellow,' and both tracks will be available on his upcoming album 'Rolling Papers,' according to Billboard.

There's not much in the way of a visual narrative, just our hero Khalifa cruising and posing by the ocean, talking to a gorgeous girl on a beautiful sunny day.

Anyway, it's clear from the lyrics, and the way he's talking to his co-star, that Khalifa is promising true love and devotion -- which, apparently is not what she's getting from her current beau.

Since he loves warm weather so much, it makes sense that Khalifa has signed on to headline MTV's spring break activities in Las Vegas from March 6 to 10. That's right, Sin city, where it's warm and never snows.  Lucky bastard...

Watch the Wiz Khalifa 'Roll Up' Video