The "yellow" in Wiz Khalifa's breakthrough hit 'Black and Yellow' certainly applies here, as the rapper's debut album 'Rolling Papers' has gone gold, which is music industry jargon for the fact that it has sold at least 500,000 copies. In the sagging music industry, where CD sales dwindle to dangerously lower levels each year, this is a massive feat, so congrats to the Pittsburgh-reared rapper on this sales accomplishment.

Wiz received a gold plaque commemorating the occasion at the Atlantic Records offices this week. The albums two singles, 'Black and Yellow' and 'Roll Up,' have both been certified platinum, as well, proving that Khalifa is no fluke.

Wiz took care to tweet a note of thanks to his support team at his label, posting the following message of gratitude: "Thnx To Everyone At Atlantic And Especially Rostrum Records. These Platinum Plaques Got me Thankful For Every Positive Person In My Life."

2011 is a turning out to be a very good year for Wiz Khalifa. His album is a huge success and he has a gorgeous girlfriend in Amber Rose on his arm at every awards show that he attends. The only thing that could cap off this already stellar year and elevate his euphoria would be for his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers to win the Super Bowl and for the formerly lowly Pittsburgh Pirates to make the playoffs after 18 losing seasons.

Watch the Wiz Khalifa 'Black and Yellow' Video