Rapper Wiz Khalifa has released the track listing to his long-awaited 'Rolling Papers' album, due March 29 on Atlantic Records.

The record will be the major-label debut for the two-time Best Male Artist winner at the Pittsburgh Hip-Hop Awards and Source magazine's 2010 Rookie of the Year.

Unlike many hip-hop albums these days, 'Rolling Papers' is short on guest performers. Too $hort, Chevy Woods and Curren$y are the only featured acts on the record.

The decision to limit the number of guests fits with Khalifa's previously stated desire to become successful based on his solo work rather than through collaborations with more-established acts. Vibe reports that Khalifa turned down a chance to sign with Rick Ross and to tour with Drake because he wants to establish himself first.

"I'm all about standing behind my own brand instead of putting myself up under somebody else's," Khalifa said. "[Success] might take a little bit longer and take more work, but in the end it pays off because I can stand right up there with my peers and have respect."

The album's lead single, 'Black and Yellow,' reached No. 1 on Billboard just as the Pittsburgh Steelers competed in Super Bowl XLV. Khalifa just released a music video for the second single, 'Roll Up.'

'Rolling Papers' Track Listing:

1. 'When I’m Gone'
2. 'On My Level' Feat. Too $hort
3. 'Black and Yellow' (Watch here)
4. 'Roll Up' (Watch here)
5. 'Hopes & Dreams'
6. 'Wake Up'
7. 'The Race' (Listen here)
8. 'Star of the Show' Feat. Chevy Woods
9. 'No Sleep'
10. 'Get Your Sh--'
11. 'Top Floor'
12. 'Fly Solo'
13. 'Rooftops' Feat. Curren$y
14. 'Cameras'