Wiz Khalifa loves to smoke the sticky icky (marijuana, for the uninitiated), but now that Amber Rose is pregnant, he's actually cut down on puffing around her. "Everything is all about smells, man," he tells MTV.

Apparently, Wizzy's wife-to-be has a heightened sense of smell and if the aroma is not similar to her last name it's a big no-no. "I smoke outside instead of inside," he says. "If the smell irritates her, then it's gotta go." Poor Wiz.

Although the happy couple knows the sex of their little wizbud, they are keeping it a secret from the media for now. Lately, everyone is talking about their cover shot for XXL magazine. The lovebirds are featured in a loving embrace as Amber shows off her protruding belly.

In an interview with New York's Hot 97, Amber says she's ready to give birth naturally -- no epidural, no drugs -- and she will deliver her baby at home! WTH!

"[We are] going to have a water birth at home so it won't be in a hospital," she explains. "It's going to be, like, dim lights, candles, and I'm going to listen to 'November Rain' by Gun 'N' Roses."

Rock on, Amber!

When asked if she's going to eat her baby's placenta in a sandwich (apparently, this is a delicacy for some new moms), Amber responded, "Ewww, no what the hell?" We have to agree with the blonde-haired bombshell on that one.

As for Wiz's smoking weed in the house, as we aforementioned, it is not allowed, period. "There's no weed in the house at all," he says. "It makes me so sick because it smells like a skunk."

We wish Amber and Wiz a safe aquatic birth and for God's sake, don't eat the placenta!!

Listen to Amber Rose Talk About Natural Birth + Wiz Smoking in the House