Proud steel city rapper Wiz Khalifa's insanely catchy song 'Black and Yellow' has become the unofficial anthem for the Pittsburgh Steelers' drive to an unprecedented seventh Super Bowl Championship. The rapper performed the hit single prior to the team's victory in the AFC Championship game in front of 65,000 Terrible Towel waving maniacs.

The keyboard track soars through the air as easily as Pittsburgh defensive star Troy Polamalu, thanks largely to its infectious, much-repeated "Black and Yellow / Black and Yellow" choral chant. The track will appear on Khalifa's upcoming 'Rolling Papers' album, due in stores this March.

Khalifa recently performed the track on the 'Lopez Tonight' show, and, shocker, the host wore a silly hat to mark the occasion, as you can see in this video. It was the first national television appearance for Wiz, who is also closing in on a million followers on Twitter and was named 2010's 'Rookie of the Year' by Source magazine.

Wiz Khalifia's beloved Steelers will go up against the Green Bay Packers (unbiased editorial comment: Booooooooooooooo!) on Sunday, Feb. 6 at the 45th Super Bowl in Dallas, Texas at the mega-Jones-ego-super-future-space battle arena. Which is also sometimes called Texas Stadium.