Rapper Wiz Khalifa is living the "high" life on his smoked-out track 'The Bluff,' which features a great cameo appearance from veteran rhyme-slinger Cam'ron. The single will appear on Wiz's upcoming album 'O.N.I.F.C.,' due out on Dec. 4.

The Taylor Gang and Dipset connection is in full effect on the I.D. Labs-produced song. On the first verse, Wiz rhymes about being fly, making dough and puffing on the greatest weed.

"Sometimes I swear I be so fly I mean I can’t change," he spits. "Sometimes I feel I’ve got a couple people I can’t shame / Still rolling weed in a pair of J's / Gettin’ ashes all over my favorite jeans."

The real highlight on this atmospheric-sounding track is Cam, who raps clever lines like, "Now point that camera at my pockets cause they saying 'cheese.'" He later closes the song out with this verse, "Money, h--s, clothes and mayhem / Amen! / Please have her on her knees, but she ain't prayin'." Oh Boy!

Wizzy's 'The Bluff' is a laid-back song that should please his Taylors (aka his fans). Roll it up and pass it around.

Listen to Wiz Khalifa, 'The Bluff' Feat. Cam'ron