As fans wait patiently for the release of his next mixtape 'Taylor Allderdice,' Wiz Khalifa previews a new track dedicated to his other main chick Mary Jane. The single 'Mary 3x' is the 'Black and Yellow' rhyme-slinger's vainglorious anthem about smoking killer weed.

On this mid-tempo, bass heavy joint, Wizzy rap-sings about puffing the green herb and staying clear of any lethal narcotics. "So many n----s went down the wrong road so homie you can too," he croons. "All I need is Mary, Mary, Mary, I ain't f---ing with no other drug." Granted, it's not the best advice he could give to his fans, but it's his life.

Besides getting high, Wiz is currently working on his second album 'O.N.I.F.C.,' which stands for 'Only N---a in First Class.' The Grammy-nominated artist says the title describes how his life has changed since becoming a millionaire rapper. Wiz has worked with veteran producer Pharrell Williams for the project. "I worked with a lot of different people on this one, but I kept the sound really consistent," he said. "I made sure everybody that I worked with and everything that I did, they all came to my world with it."

Listen to Wiz Khalifa, 'Mary 3x'