A lot of women appreciate Drake's appearance enough to want to be with him. Now, for all three of you ladies that appreciate Drake's appearance enough to want to look like him, we have a treat for you. A beautiful woman with quite a bit of time on her hands shot a how-to video on making yourself look like Drizzy. In the bizarre clip, a gorgeous girl with long red hair and hooded eyes is transformed to the mini-fro rocking rapper. She gives  step-by-step instructions on how to nab his hairline, bone structure and eyebrows.

The clip opens with the gal slicking back her long hair with lotion and putting it in a pony tail, thus giving the impression (from the front, anyway) that she has a cropped 'do. The artist then uses black eyeshadow to replicate Drake's hairline, and it looks surprisingly realistic. While this lovely woman's face looks nothing like Drake's, when she contours her face with bronzer, she certainly resembles him more.

The next step is to thicken her eyebrows with pencil for Drizzy's signature caterpillars. The artist then uses eyeshadow to make her eyes look more deep set and to contour her nose to look more like Drake's unique shape. The next step is a bit unexpected. The woman applies heavy eyeliner. Does Drake primp more than he wants us to think, or does she just have really fine eyelashes? In any case, the artists finishes off her face with a stippling brush and some black paint for faux-scruff, then completes the look with her "husband's clothes" and a silver necklace.

We don't know in what situations (other than Halloween or an impersonation contest) this look would come into play, but if you're into it, have at it. Strangely, the video closes with text reading, "Me being me." Shouldn't it read, "Me being Drake?" And another question: Would this simultaneously flatter and offend Drake as much as getting his name tattooed on your forehead?

Watch Woman Transform into Drake