Picture this: you're at a club and suddenly a circle forms. A familiar figure materializes and points you out. You, yes, you. They want to you to show off your best set of moves in a good old fashioned dance battle.

But who would you rather see standing across the circle? Usher or Michael Jackson?

Usher is a formidable dance battle opponent. His videos for 'Scream,' 'U Don't Have to Call,' and 'Yeah' all feature his unrivaled ability to captivate the dance floor. Plus, could you really top his sliding and gliding-across-the-floor signature dance move?

Michael Jackson (R.I.P.) invented the moonwalk. Do we really even need to tell you why it would be next to impossible to beat him in a dance battle? And who knows if his dancing hoodlum friends from the 'Beat It' video will show up!

So which is it? Vote below.