One Direction's video for 'Best Song Ever' is amazing, especially since each 1D lad plays a fun and funky character in the new clip. Harry Styles goes as a nerd and Niall Horan goes as a hilarious, older businessman, but which of their alter egos would you rather date?

Harry Styles may portray a big ol' nerd, aka Marcel the Marketing guy, but he still looks cute as a button. If you date a geeky dude like Marcel, you'll probably spend hours watching 'Game of Thrones' together and playing with cats. Not a bad deal, right?

Then there's Niall Horan, who plays a cutthroat, old businessman with a past in tap dancing. If anything, this guy has got some stories and probably a lot of money too. You'll be wined and dined with this full-bearded and well-traveled dude. We guarantee that.

So which is it? Vote below.