It's common practice for pop heartthrobs to sing to concert goers, but what if you were the special fan who got a personal serenade from either Justin Bieber or Austin Mahone? It's a tough decision, but who would you pick?

Anyone who is serenaded by Justin Bieber will immediately make millions of Beliebers all over the world very jealous. And when Beliebers get envious, you better watch out... but still, don't let that discourage you from having your moment with the Biebs.

Austin Mahone is a relative newcomer to the pop music scene, but his adorable looks and super fun personality are the reason he has so many dedicated fans, aka Mahomies. Who wouldn't want to be the lucky one having 'Heart in My Hand' sung directly to them by Mahone?!

Who would provide you with the ultimate dream come true by way of an onstage serenade? Justin Bieber or Austin Mahone? Vote below!