This is the Battle of the Pop Heavyweights! Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z are going on tour together this summer, but Jay-Z's wife and pop diva Beyonce will also be hitting the road. Who would you rather go on tour with?

We would imagine the backstage scene during the Legends of the Summer tour is very fun and lighthearted with 'SNL' five-timer host JT running around. We would also imagine that JT's famous friends like Andy Samberg and Mila Kunis, not to mention his wife Jessica Biel, would be hanging out, too. HOV, on the other hand boasts friends like Kanye West (which now means Kim Kardashian will tag along) and Rihanna. Since his wife, Beyonce, will be on tour at the same time, she won't be making any appearances! We must also mention, with JT and Jay-Z's extensive music catalogs, their set lists could change every night of the tour!

Beyonce recently had a mini-Destiny's Child reunion, so we wouldn't count that out on the Mrs. Carter Show world tour. Now that Queen Bey's sister Solange has a music career of her own, we would love to see a Knowles sisters duet! It could happen! We all know Beyonce has amazing live shows with out-of-this-world lights and unrivaled choreography. We wouldn't mind watching her show every night!

So which is it? Vote below.