There's no denying that both Harry Styles of One Direction and Justin Bieber are bona fide heartthrobs. We would also like to assume that they are both totally hubby material. We can dream, can't we?! Who would you rather marry?

Harry Styles seems to have a growing list of former lovers, but who can resist that cheeky smile? It makes us melt. Every. Single. Time. Plus, you won't likely write a song about your relationship like one of his other lady friends. *cough* Taylor Swift *cough*. Better get used to rainy weather, too, because chances are you'll be residing in the U.K.!

If you got hitched to Justin Bieber, filling the shoes of his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez would be quite a feat. She's gorgeous, down-to-earth and talented, but don't let that intimidate you. There's a reason they aren't together anymore, after all! You would probably build a life together in Canada or California where Lil Twist would probably be the house guest that never leaves.

So which is it? Vote below.