There's no denying that Chris Brown is a triple threat. He can certainly sing and his dance moves are second to none. He is also a very talented artist who can graffiti paint with the best of them. But which of his skills would you rather have?

If you had Chris Brown's singing voice, you would probably be performing for thousands of people all over the world night after night, much like Breezy does already. With pipes like that, you'd be able to serenade any man, woman or child who will listen, but our advice is to not be that guy.

Having the ability to draw like Chris Brown is not a dime a dozen. Many people can doodle to their hearts content, but having the talent to create large pieces of art that look in proportion? That's not very easy. If you love to ham it up, an artist's life is probably not for you as most of their time is spent working alone. But hey, solitude can be a good thing!

So which is it? Vote below.

Theo Wargo, Getty Images