Let's be honest. Harry Styles and Max George are total dreamboats. It's hard for fans to get close to their celeb crushes, so what better way to show you have love for these British boy band members than to launch a special treat for them on stage?

Harry Styles is no stranger to having objects launched at him on stage. Yes, there was that whole shoe to the crotch incident, but he and his One Direction bandmates also had quite a few brassieres thrown in his general direction. It's all part of the game! Would it be as special to Styles? Hmm...

Max George of the Wanted is a little older than Styles so his fan base might be a little more mature, but does anyone truly grow out of showing love at a concert the old fashioned way? Slingshotting an undergarment at your favorite band member, of course! Some trends simply never go out of style.

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