We all know Lady Gaga is always performing. Her transportation and dress command audiences all their own, so which Mother Monster trademark would you want to make a part of your life?

If you get carried around in Gaga's transluscent egg for the rest of your life, you have to imagine pulling up to important events and getting carried around like some sort of ancient ruler. Prom night? Arrive in a giant egg. Wedding day? Show up to the chapel carried by some muscular men in latex shorts. It probably gets stuffy in that egg too!

Now, when it comes to Lady Gaga's meat dress, you might want to make sure you're a friend to animals if this is your choice. We can see dogs, raccoons and squirrels suddenly becoming very friendly if you're walking around with an outfit made of prime rib. You surely wouldn't be a friend to PETA in this get-up, but you would be a big hit at every barbeque... that is if you don't mind undressing a little bit.

So which is it? Vote below.