Jeans never go out of style, however there is a caveat to that style rule. We are talking about traditional denim jeans with no frills or insane design gimmick. It is safe to say Miley Cyrus' hybrid jean-sweatpants and Rihanna's stacked jeans will be out of style in about 10 minutes, so which would you rather wear?

Miley Cyrus has clearly been watching one too many Pajama Jean infomercials and decided to finally walk the red carpet at the Myspace event in a pair of truly oddball sweatpant/jeans. They look like the Two-Face of Pants and we are truly confused by them.

Rihanna also flipped the script on the traditional denim jean when she thought to herself, "Why wear one pair of jeans, when you could wear two?! On top of each other?!?!?!" This particular pair of jeans she designed for her River Island collection and run fans around $235 on eBay at the moment.

So which is it? Vote in the poll below the photo.

Jason Kempin, Getty Images / Pacific Coast News