Psy's viral hit 'Gangnam Style,' is an earworm if we've ever heard one, but what if you were obligated to listen to the song every day for the rest of your life? Or would you prefer to perform the signature 'Gangnam Style' dance once a day for the rest of your life? Imagine a couple scenarios...

If the only song you're allowed to listen to is 'Gangnam Style,' then people are going to be pretty ticked off at your wedding come the third song. Also, you will have your first dance to the tune of Psy's rapping in Korean.

Now, if you have to do the dance once a day for the rest of your life, imagine having to breakout into the horse gallop in public places like an airport, Starbucks or grocery store. You may become a viral sensation of your own, so get ready to get famous. Also, keeping new friends might prove difficult when you have to keep breaking into the dance everytime you hang out.

So which is it? Vote below.