With his mother beaming from the sidelines, 43-year-old Andy Silikovitz began singing Mariah Carey's 'Hero' during 'X Factor' factor on Thursday night. Judge Simon Cowell no doubt hoped he was looking at the next Susan Boyle, but Silikovitz wasn't able to live up to the expectations.

The diminutive redhead admitted before he began singing that he stilled lived with mom and that he'd never kissed a girl. When asked what he'd do with the $5 million grand prize, Silikovitz said, "I'd get a nice house, a nice car, and a lot of girls would uh …" You really wanted him to succeed, but knew as he gripped the microphone  and stared fearfully forward that it just wasn't going to be the Cinderella story Boyle was.

At least the judges were sweet as they let Silkovitz down. They applauded his effort and his spirit. Even the grouchy Cowell found something nice to say. "I think you're going to find it much easier with the chicks afterward," he said before inviting the singer down to hug Paula Abdul. Throughout the audition he was trying to hook the two up for some after show loving, but judging from Abdul's tentative hug, it wasn't happening.

Watch Andy Silikovitz Perform 'Hero' on 'X Factor'