'X Factor' contestant Brennin Hunt is 26, good-looking, lives in Nashville (aka Music City) and has played arenas and smaller venues while touring with an established artist he did not name. It was enough to make Simon Cowell question why he hasn't "made it" yet, with all those things working in his favor. That is certainly a valid point.

Hunt sang the original song 'How We Make It,' which Cowell instantly dubbed a "risky" move. However, the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. Hunt's song, which he wrote, was a ballad that showcased his breathy, dreamy voice, which Cowell labeled as "brilliant." Cowell said that he understands why Hunt has not "made it" yet, since he hasn't been given the right advice or direction to help propel him to that "next level." Cowell said that he could work with Hunt and turn him into something, while Paula Abdul said his voice stuck a chord in her heart.

L.A. Reid was not shy about calling Hunt "hot" ... because he is. Hunt has all the necessary pieces of the pop star puzzle, and he's another contestant that we predict will outlast many of his peers in this competition. It's never too late to try and achieve pop superstardom.

Watch Brennin Hunt Sing 'How We Make It' on 'X Factor'