Slim pickins. That is the phrase that comes to mind when talking about the groups still in the running on 'X Factor.' We could see someone winning the competition from the boys, girls and over '30s categories, but the groups? It's a long shot.

Paula Abdul admitted that Illusion Confusion's vocals were spot-on, but they lacked showmanship. Abdul noted that they didn't sell their performance of 'Let's Dance' by David Bowie, and it was because of this they were not asked to move on. The girls in 2 Squar’d were also eliminated for their lackluster performance of Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody.'

The Brewer Boys say music is what they were born to do and it seems they've convinced Paula too! With a flip of their matching Bieber haircuts, they were put through to the next round and they couldn't have looked happier!

4 Shore agreed they would give their music career one more shot before hanging up their microphones forever. Paula said she was in awe of 4 Shore's vocal ability, but they need a clear leader. And with that, their 'X Factor' run was ended, though they kept a positive attitude saying they believed something bigger and better would come out of their elimination.

The dapper boys of Stereo Hogzz came to meet their maker (AKA Paula Abdul) dressed in a variety of colorful suits. Abdul complimented band member Trey saying he had a "magical" voice, but she warned the rest of the Hogzz to step their vocal game up. Alas, the Stereo Hogzz will live to see another day on 'X Factor' and they celebrated getting through with a fully clothed dip in Abdul's pool!

The Anser say they have a lot to share as both musicians and people. As they held up their matching rings, one of the group members remarked that he flips burgers for a living; it looks like his reprieve from the fast food world won't be very long. as Paula told them they would not be advancing.

Intensity and Lakoda Rayne, the two groups that the judges formed as they created the final 32, were hoping to get yet another second chance. Paula told Intensity that she saw 10 different talents and voices and she needs more from them, but they were, in fact, moving on to the next round. The news wasn't so good for Lakoda Rayne, their energy was off in their performance and void of joy. It was for these reasons, Paula ended Lakoda Rayne's stretch on 'X Factor.'